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About Your Financial Advisor

Do you find yourself confused with your finances? Do you wish you could understand all the different variables  affecting your financial security?  When you need a financial advisor in Boca Raton choose Michael Piccoli.

Michael is committed to his clients in Boca Raton and Tequesta.  He will work toward giving you a life filled with financial confidence. You won’t feel confused or overwhelmed with your finances. Michael will provide you the guidance and recommendations you need to feel at ease. 

Think It Makes Sense to Discuss A Personalized Financial Plan?

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First Steps

The very first step in any financial plan is to pick an advisor.  Ask everyone you know – your relatives, your friends, your trusted banker.  When you live in Boca Raton, the name Michael Piccoli will likely come up in conversation.

The next step is to talk with Mr. Piccoli.  You don’t even have to make a trip to his office – he is glad to do Zoom meetings and conference calls with people from all over the country. 

This discovery call won’t cost you a thing and there will be no sales pitches or pressure.  He will learn more about you, your personal values and financial goals. That insight will provide Michael the information necessary to begin formulating a plan for you.

Why Choose Michael Piccoli?

Once you have interviewed several financial advisors, you may still be hesitant.  Let us relieve you of your doubts.  

There are literally thousands of people who call themselves financial advisors in the United States.  Many of these “advisors” are not full-service advisors.  Many focus only on selling life insurance for one particular company, or certain investments or annuities. Commonly, the products they push are the same products that pay them the highest commissions.

They aren’t offering you advice, they are trying to pay themselves first. As an experienced and trusted advisor in Boca Raton Michael puts the needs of his clients first.

Many people follow a combination of advice from many different sources – tv news outlets, tv money analysts, newspaper commentators, the internet, YouTube videos on how to invest, or their aunt’s ex-husband who used to be an accountant. 

It’s quite natural for people to lose their financial confidence when they are following the lead of so many unqualified people. Particularly, because these other sources don’t know you, your life, or your wants and needs. So, when people get overwhelmed and realize they need a financial advisor in tequesta people call Michael Piccoli.  

Don’t try to figure this out yourself – there’s just too much to know, and the rules and the players are constantly changing. 

Let Michael and his expertise take control of your finances so you don’t have to.

How We Help You

You’ll feel relieved when you hire us to manage your finances. You no longer have to worry about gathering all of this financial information, on your own, from all these different sources.  Our company does all of the research and development for you and then sifts through it to find what you need to suit your particular situation.  You don’t have to figure it out on your own.  

Michael Piccoli creates plans that are adaptable and open to change.  

We explain how risk assumption and risk transfer works.  There are certain risks that you can afford to keep and some that should be transferred.  For instance, you might be best served in transferring risk to an insurance company with life insurance.  Michael Piccoli will help you choose the situations where you should assume risk, and when you should transfer risk to someone else. 

We don’t judge our client’s behavior.  Our job is to provide objective unbiased advice about your finances.


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