Employer Provided Health Plans

Employer Provided Health Plans

Another service we provide is helping clients manage their employee benefits.  The most common employer provided benefit people think of is health coverage  There will typically be two or three different plans offered, each with a different deductible, different coverages, and different premiums.  

The future of healthcare coverage is uncertain. Some analysts predict the end of the “in-network” system as there seems to be little advantage to being “in-network”. Almost all doctors, hospitals and facilities are in all networks (92%). 


This lack of “in-network” advantage doesn’t leave much room for discounts. Instead, inflated invoices are sent including small network discounts, leaving business owners and employees with a bill to pay in addition to costly premiums.

Our team provides a unique service to help reduce costs. 

Our team will speak to you, your doctor’s administrative team, the insurance company, and get you the lowest bill available.

We actively save clients that switch over between 5 & 30% of their current health insurance premiums. Once you add in the renewal increase and potential refund to that equation, the savings can be significant.

Those savings can be put back into the company, the employees’ pockets, or both.


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