Estate Planning

Some of our clients want to leave behind a legacy – either for their children or a beloved charity.  This is an important part of financial planning.  An estate plan is crucial in defining what happens with your wealth and assets upon your passing.

Each state has different regulations and depending on where you are, your beneficiaries may experience a tax liability from inheriting your estate. An estate plan helps minimize the taxes they may face in these instances. Not having an estate plan also leaves your assets vulnerable to strangers who may not have your best interest at heart. The state, attorneys or individuals may be able to gain access to your estate. 

If you truly want to control what happens with your estate, and guarantee that your estate is handled exactly as you desire, then you must have an estate plan in place that includes a will and/or trust.  

Your will is truly the basis of your estate plan.  How you structure your will also makes a big difference in how your money is distributed. There are different kinds of wills:  testamentary wills, joint wills, and living wills are a few examples .  It’s important to have a financial advisor in Tequesta explain what you need to do to make sure your will protects your final wishes.


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