Investment Planning

We send a considerable amount of each day engaging in involuntary acts of “investment planning”. For example, we decide how to manage the time in our day and where that time is best spent. Surprisingly, we don’t spend nearly as much time planning our finances. 

Investment planning is important. Even for people who don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, it’s still important to know where to invest your money to gain the most return. A financial advisor in Boca Raton can help.

Investment planning by Michael Piccoli is framed under a few basic foundations. Mr. Piccoli believes that market timing doesn’t work.  He also believes that you need to diversify your investments so that market fluctuations in one investment do not impact the stability of your other investments.


Details of Investment Planning

  1. Set the goal: . Similar to the first step of your financial plan, Mr. Piccoli’s first goal in investment planning is to make sure he understands your investment goals.  What are your investment priorities? What are your goals now, in the near future and long-term? 
  2. Seize the moment:  You and Mr. Piccoli will analyze exactly where you are today in regard to your investments.  What do you have in savings?  What do you have in your current investment portfolio? Is your insurance set up properly?  This analysis often presents opportunities you can take advantage of right away. For example, if you need to cut your losses in a sinking investment.  
  3. Examining your cash flow: Knowing where your money is going – your cash flow – is an important consideration when investment planning. 
  4. Recommend a strategy for your investment planning.  After our in depth analysis our next step is to recommend an investment planning strategy. We can use your present investment plan as a starting point.    
  5. Execute the plan.  We’ll implement the plan that we have outlined for you and assist you in investment plan changes if your lifestyle or priorities change.
  6. Watching over your investments.  We don’t stop at implementing the plan. Part of ensuring your plan’s success requires persistent progress monitoring. We’ll track the success of your plan and keep you in the loop with how the plan is performing.
  7. Consult, advise, and counsel.  If we feel that you can benefit from changes to your plan, we will contact you to make recommendations and answer any of your questions.

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