Retirement Planning

No matter how old or young you are, you need to start planning for retirement. Most people wait until they are approaching retirement to plan. The earlier you begin planning, the more likely you are to achieve your ideal retirement.

Things have changed since the days when people could count on their employer to provide for them in their retirement. Gone are the days when a person worked forty years for the same employer and then retired on a full pension, plus social security.  It’s now completely up to us to watch out for ourselves. 

Even when your employer provides the opportunity for a 401(k), you are still left having to make the choices about how to invest the money in that 401(k). Many people mistakenly believe that the broker that sold the 401(k) will invest it properly.  

Some folks think they can just read a few articles on the internet and be perfectly informed about where to put their retirement funds. Then, they wake up one day and half of their money is gone because they didn’t thoroughly research that one fund that they thought was stable.

For someone who has never done investing before, it’s important to hire a financial advisor so that your money is invested in the right places.


Why You Need to Plan for Retirement

In today’s world, if you want to enjoy your retirement, it’s up to you to make sure you have the money to do so.  You want your assets to be protected and you want the security of knowing you have enough money to sustain you during retirement. It would be unfortunate to reach retirement only to realize you do not have the funds to maintain your lifestyle.

If you need assistance in planning for retirement our financial advisor in Boca Raton is available to help you.  Michael will help you answer some important questions:

  1. How do we know if we aren’t saving enough right now?  
  2. How much is enough?
  3. After we’ve saved it, has it been invested properly so that it’s still there when we retire?
  4.  Will my 401(k) and social security be enough?

How Michael Piccoli Can Help With Retirement Planning

The main thing we want to impress on our clients is the need to do retirement planning today.  We use a targeted approach to improve the chances that your life after work is as well-planned as your life before retirement.

The Basics of Retirement Planning

Michael Piccoli focuses on the two most important factors in retirement planning,  build and protect. 

If you want to live your retirement without financial stress, this is how we can make that happen.

Since Mr. Piccoli already knows your goals, he is in the perfect position to help you build and protect your wealth.  He will use a financial snapshot to evaluate your current retirement plan and use that information to guide his strategy.  He knows what you can save and where to invest those savings. He never judges your decisions or your goals.  

After you develop your retirement plan together, he will implement the plan and then continue to monitor how things progress.  

Additional Retirement Services

When setting up your retirement plan, you will likely need information on insurance, charitable giving, and estate planning.  All of these should be examined and worked into your retirement planning.

Progress meetings are important. We want to secure long-term relationships with our clients.  Throughout the development and implementation of your retirement plan, we will be meeting on a regular basis to make sure you are still on track.  We understand how life can change in an instant.  As your financial advisor in Boca Raton, it’s our job to make sure your retirement is protected regardless of the changes you may experience.

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